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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Destin, Florida in Fall

5 Reasons to visit Destin in Fall

What’s your favorite season to visit the beautiful beaches of Destin, Florida? Most travel to Destin during summer, however, some are finding fall to be an ideal time to visit. While there is never a bad time to enjoy powder white sand and emerald-green waters, here are five reasons why we love Destin during fall.

Less Crowds

Summer is the season most travel to Destin so it can get packed with people looking to soak up the sun. Once kids go back to school the crowd thins out leaving more room on the beach for you to enjoy. Not to mention shorter wait times at your favorite beach and harbor restaurants.

Better Weather

The weather in Destin during fall is perfect. It’s still warm enough to play in the Gulf of Mexico without all the humidity. This makes long days on the beach so enjoyable as well as outdoor venues and events. Enjoy eating the freshest of seafood at your favorite restaurant with breathtaking views of the sunset and an outdoor concert under the stars all with comfortable climate conditions.

Fun Fall Festivals

Some of our favorite festivals in Destin happen during fall. The Destin Seafood Festival takes place along the Destin harbor boardwalk October 6th through  8th. This three-day event features seafood, live music, and family fun! Baytowne Beer Fest takes place October 6th & 7th. Over 200 domestic and craft beers will be featured offering an opportunity to taste and learn about the different styles of beer. Spend the weekend tasting delicious seafood and unique craft brews. 

Lower Rates

Since the fall season is considered a slower time of year rates drop significantly for vacation rentals. While you will pay top dollar in the summer months, you can enjoy the same cozy beach cottage for a fraction of the price. This is perfect for those on a budget. Why compromise your wish list when you can adjust your schedule to visit in fall!

More Vacation Rental Options

With fewer visitors during fall you can have your pick on the perfect place to stay. Whether you’d like a private house with a pool or condo right on the beach, the options are endless. Book your stay in a Crystal Beach Vacation Rental during fall and enjoy all the benefits of staying on the beautiful beaches of Destin!

These are just a few reasons why we love Destin in fall. Of course, a vacation to these breathtaking beaches is always a good idea. No matter what season it is, enjoy your time on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Published on Monday, July 17, 2023