Our office is open seasonally Mon-Sat 8:30am-4:30pm Central Time and closed on Sunday. For after hours emergencies (fire, electrical, water leaks, HVAC, lockout), call 850-654-5501 and select the option to be transferred to our 24-hour answering service.

Are all bed linens and towels provided?

Yes, but feel free to bring extra blankets from home.

What does the kitchen include?

All kitchens have modern appliances, basic cookware, dishes, glasses, and flatware. There are Keurig coffee makers plus drip coffee makers, and blenders. Some homes have a slow cooker. We are not permitted to leave condiments, salt & pepper, other spices, coffee filters. or any cleaning supplies in the home. A small starter set of paper towels, toilet paper, soap (for kitchen, dishwasher, laundry, and bath), and trash can liners are provided along with several K-cups to get you through the first day or two before your trip to the store.

What other miscellaneous items are provided?

Clothes hangers, an iron, and ironing board will be in each property, along with a washer and dryer. Some homes provide hair dryers.

Am I able to receive mail and packages at my rental home?

No, we do not have access to any rental property mailboxes, and most deliveries are by USPS.

If complimentary beach service is provided, how do I locate my beach setup?

Each beach service vendor has a system of tags attached to beach chairs with either your name, the property name, or both. Please look for a beach attendant if you cannot locate your setup. Additional chairs and umbrellas may be ordered through your beach attendant.

Is it OK to leave my personal beach gear on the beach overnight?

No, both Okalossa County and Walton County remove all items left behind on the beach.

What is the Beach Flag Warning System?

Specific colored flags are flown each day in visible areas to notify swimmers of dangerous water conditions such as rip currents and marine life. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself and your fellow guests with this flag system, as surf conditions can change quite quickly. For Gulf conditions and flag updates, text the word SAFETY to 31279 to receive updates each day.

How often is my private pool cleaned?

Certified pool companies (independent of Frangista Beach Properties) maintain and clean the homeowners' pools once or twice a week. Most pools are cleaned each Saturday, and the pool techs often work well into the evening.

What can I do to help keep my pool clean?

Rinsing off sand and suntan lotion before entering the pool will prevent cloudiness and filter clogs.

How do I stay updated on weather conditions?

We recommend The Weather Channel (38) or WJHG (7), and the Walton County Emergency Management Facebook page.

When is the trash collected?

Please check for this information on the laminate that is posted on the refrigerator. Destin and Miramar Beach have different pickup days.

Who do I call if I have an emergency or have an issue with noisy neighbors?

Call 911 for emergencies only. In Walton County (Miramar Beach) the NON-emergency number for the sheriff's office is (850) 892-8111. In Okalossa County (Destin) the NON-emergency number for the sheriff's office is (850) 651-7410.

What is a strong wind draft?

A strong wind draft can occur inside your rental home but especially the beachfront properties on windy days. You are advised to keep all balcony doors closed before opening the front door to prevent the door from slamming which could cause bodily injury.

Do you have any helpful tips for our stay?


Refrigerators - Do not overload or block the vents inside the refrigerator when you arrive. The refrigerator was cleaned before your arrival and it can take 12 to 24 hours to cool down again. Prioritize perishable dairy and meat items. Limit opening the refrigerator doors as much as possible. Leave warm cans and bottles out of the refrigerator or use a cooler (or mini fridge, where applicable) until the next day.
Electrical outage in a room or area - Check to see if a GFCI in a bathroom or kitchen area needs to be reset. Also, check the breaker panel.
Washer/Dryer - Remove sand before washing clothes, and do not overload the washer.
A/C - Keep doors and windows closed at all times, and do not set the thermostat lower than 72 degrees to prevent the HVAC system from freezing up.
Garbage disposal - Only use for small remnants of food. Larger food items should be put in the kitchen garbage can to prevent a stoppage. No shrimp shells!
Toilets - Flush bathroom tissue only - no wet wipes or other items. A plunger is provided.
Tubs and showers - Rinse sand off outside to prevent a clogged drain.

How do I request more propane for my grill?

If you need additional propane, call us during business hours. After hours you can purchase another tank or refill. and we will reimburse you upon presentation of the receipt.