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What to Pack For a Memorable Family Vacation to Destin, Florida!

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Are you getting ready for a family vacation to Destin, Florida? This Gulf Coast destination is filled with adventure, relaxation, and picture-perfect beaches that will make your vacation unforgettable. To ensure that your family has a wonderful time, make sure you pack everything you need for your trip. Here’s a quick and easy guide on what to pack for a vacation to Destin, Florida.

Beach Essentials
Destin is known for its clear waters and white sand beaches, so you’ll definitely be spending most of your time by the beach. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, hats, beach towels, beach chairs, and umbrellas. These essentials will keep you comfortable and protected from the sun, and you can grab a beach chair and umbrella from a local vendor if you don't want to pack your own.

Swimwear and Water Activities Gear
When you pack for your vacation to Destin, it's important to bring your swimwear along. You can also include snorkel gear, water shoes, and floaties to enhance your time in the water. There are activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and sailing that you can also try out. Make sure you have the right gear to enjoy what the water has to offer.

Comfortable Clothing
Lightweight, breathable clothing items are a must for this tropical paradise. The humid subtropical climate of the gulf coast may make you feel hot and sweaty, especially during the summer months. Choose clothes that are light in weight, and which allow air to circulate, such as shorts, dresses, t-shirts, and sandals. Also, include a light jacket and pants for cooler nights.

Entertainment for the Kids
To make sure your kids are comfortable during the long car ride to Destin, Florida, don’t forget to pack some of their favorite games, movies, and toys. On the plane, kids’ tablets with headphones, books, coloring books, or activities will keep them entertained and distracted, stressing less on how long the travel is. A family card game is a great way to bond in the evenings in your cozy Crystal Beach Vacation Rental.

Camera and Necessary Accessories
To capture the memories of your family vacation, make sure to pack a good quality camera along with memory cards, chargers, and batteries. You might even consider bringing an underwater camera to capture those unforgettable moments in the water. You can purchase a safe waterproof pouch to protect your device.

Packing for a vacation can be a stressful experience, but with these tips, you’ll be ready to create many happy memories with your family on your Destin, Florida getaway. Don't forget other travel essentials like passports, IDs, plane tickets, hotel booking confirmation, and phone chargers. With a fully packed bag, all that’s left for you to do is to relax, have fun, and enjoy Destin!

Published on Thursday, June 29, 2023